Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony (puja) at Radhi's parent's house last week was lovely. It was wonderful to get a glimpse of how another culture celebrates such a joyous occasion, and I know my family had a great time being part of it. There was a photographer there who took some really nice photos, and we'll be posting them soon. This is one I took of Radhi in her beautiful sari.

I also have to say how great the food was! I love Indian food, so I'm looking forward to many great meals to come (and hopefully leftovers sent home from Radhi's mom). =)

Enjoy the spring weather everyone. I know we are! All for now. --D


  1. Oh, how I love you two! And yes, she does look beautiful in that sari! :)

  2. That sari is such a gorgeous color! You look lovely and happy, Radhi.


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