O N E ! ! !

dearest nina,
one whole year! how did that happen!? you have made this year the biggest & brightest yet. we just can't believe it's over. thank you for being such a good, sweet birdie. thank you for teaching us true love & true patience. we are so eager to see what kind of wild & lovely adventures the next year will bring. from running all around to talking sass, we're excited & nervous for all of it!

love love love.
mom + dad.

twelve month happenings: holding strong in the 90th percentile in weight at 23 pounds | learned to stick tongue out on command. oops. | crawling more than walking | has the sweetest giggle we've ever heard | definitely not a picky eater. yet.

a little recap of 30 of our favorite instagram moments. enjoy!


eleven months.

dearest little bird,
this picture is the best we can do lately. you're too busy to slow down! i can not even believe that you'll be a year in just a couple of weeks. you want to talk and walk and do so much now. this month you've gotten more confident standing by yourself. you're also eating pretty much whatever we're eating. and you've been drinking from a straw for a couple of months, but i still love watching your little lips sipping on your water. we've had such a fun month from your first halloween to your first diwali, and now we're so excited for your first holiday season. can't wait for you to meet & spend time with all of our favorite people.

i love you,

eleven month happenings: decided not to wave anymore | back to sleeping well | loves to eat | gets giddy when she sees her grandparents


ten months.

dearest little lady,
you are so very busy these days! even double pink eye and croup can't keep you down. you always seem to have a plan whether it's to tug (lovingly) on bella or making sure you've gotten your tiny paws into whatever dad or i are eating. and you pull up and balance so confidently and are surprisingly good at bracing yourself. i don't want to introduce uncertainty or make you second guess your supported steps, but i do hold my breath and prepare to shield your falls anytime you seem unsteady. is that already helicoptering? i always said i'd never do that. oops. this month you've also taken to not sleeping again. if you weren't so adorable, we'd have a much tougher time with this. but like we have before, we'll work through this and teach you to put yourself back to sleep in the wee hours and hopefully your new friend will help you sleep better! thank you for being the perfect little family member & teammate.

i love you big time.

ten month happenings: 22 lbs | 7 teeth | mama bird is already at a loss with these sweet unruly curls | still loves to sing and clap on (and off) cue | will not sit still!


eight & nine months.

dearest p,
PHEW! these last several weeks have flown by. you're such a big girl now! you are a healthy 21 pounds- 90th percentile! you've come a long way from barely being on the charts for the first four months. though teething has been bugging you for the past few weeks, you continue to be such a happy busy, little bird! you're crawling all over the place- always on a mission which usually involves getting into bella's dog bed. you two are becoming best friends, and bella is eager to be your teammate in mischief for years to come.
you aced your first flying experience & vacation when we went on our alaskan cruise with nana & granddad last month. we were prepared for bumpy first flights, but you were either sleeping soundly or easily amused. and you had so much fun exploring new places and meeting so many different people on the ship. thank you for being such a champ while traveling!
you're handling sleep training like a pro! though you've mostly been a good sleeper, in late july you took to fighting naps and bedtime. after this last bout of teething and illness were over, we decided sleep training was in all of our best interest. your first night was a little rough for all of us, but since then you've become so good at learning how to put yourself to sleep (and stay asleep!).
birdie, we are enjoying watching every single moment of your life. you are learning so much so fast. we'll try to keep up!

your biggest fans.
mom + dad

eight & nine month happenings: working on her 5th tooth | crawling and pulling up like it's her job | has the cutest laugh complete with toothy grin | got dad's curly hair and reddish eyebrows | claps off cue | getting serious about her babbling in full sentences | not too interested in finger foods yet (because why not just have mama or daddy do the work?!) | started weird clicking sounds and seems surprised they're coming from her!


our baby gear: the first months.

i tried to make some sense of what the most helpful things have been so far....

CLOTHES onesies are most babies' uniforms for a reason. everything about them is easy. these long zippered ones are even easier than snaps & lightweight enough for any time of the year.
after a couple of months, we started liking rompers & bloomers to change things up. now dresses are also in the regular rotation. nina's wardrobe is more stylish than both of ours!

apron- auntie cheryl gave us an amazing, custom bath apron from within the ribbon. we used it multiple times every day to protect us from her projectile vomiting until her reflux calmed down last month.
burp clothes- burp clothes were essential because of her reflux. these gerber prefolds are still our favorite.
bibs- these green sprouts ones have outlasted all the others.
dr. browns bottles
pump- this one was amazing. 
earth's best milk (a formula pitcher is great to make multiple bottles & aand a dispenser is great for on the go)
mesh feeders- she loves these! a perfect distraction while we're out or making her dinner. we've filled it with pieces of ice, mango, watermelon, apple, banana, the options are endless.
homemade baby food is our usual option, but these plum & happy baby pouches are fantastic while we're out. along with this fun spoon gadget.

-lightweight- aden & anais all the way (the bamboo ones are gorgeous & ridiculously soft)
-heavyweight- big, stretchy ones like this one from old navy
swaddleme wraps- she was in these until she was 5 months. now we're onto sleep sacks.
noise machine- when they're tiny, these are supposed to recreate womb sounds. since we live in a one bedroom, we've continued to use this to drown out noise. and i'm convinced she sleeps better with it on. and now we do too!
pacifiers- i wasn't a pacifier fan until i met this little birdie and her "strong suckling reflux" that her pediatrician and my ob commented on. they recommended the gumdrop brand. we've used those and soothies. she still loves her trusty wubbanub, but only in the crib.
swing- she lived in this swing until she was about 3 months!

pampers has been our favorite diapers & wipes so far
diaper rash cream- the purple desitin worked best for our birdie's bum.
disposable changing pad covers- we use these disposable covers on top of the changing pad cover, so we don't have to change the sheet if anything happens. cut these in half and only throw away if they get dirty. they last for weeks and it decreases the amount you have to wash the pretty fabric cover.

soft, knitted rattles -our friends gave us two of these, and she still loves them
basic board books -tj maxx has great deals on these
toy links -several sets- we leave some in her carseat, on her high chair, in her stroller, etc
play stand -good alternative to a baby gym & now she sits and tugs and plays with all the toys
paper book- it really is indestructible!
sophie teether- worth registering for. i don't know what is particularly riveting about it, but she seems to be in love with it.
current obsessions: this remote & this ball & watching bella play fetch

nose sucker: the hospital aspirators are ok, but this snotsucker is magic. it seems like a gross idea, but it's not in practice, and it works like  charm. and most of the time, she even seems amused by it!
mustela brand lotion & soap have been our favorite- a little goes a long way!


seven months.

dearest love,
seven months was our most action packed month yet. you're now sitting up on your own. you're no longer on your acid reflux medicine. you are valiantly mustering through the slow arrival of your first two teeth. and you had your first bites of solid food and seem to enjoy each thing you've tried- avocado, butternut squash, pears, peas, apples, plums, green beans, carrots, watermelon, mango & peaches. you really are the best little bird, and it just keeps getting better and better.

you are our best friend,
mom + dad

seven month happenings:  | loves the swimming pool | fights going to sleep | stays asleep marvelously | spent lots of time with the world's best grandparents | rained out but dressed up for her first fourth of july


six months.

dearest sweet p,
you are half a year... six months ... 183 days old. and we are loving every single minute. you are our chubby little love. constantly smiling, cracking yourself up, and babbling up a storm. and everyone you meet is charmed by your sweet, smiley and calm nature. this month you have just been busy growing big and strong and learning how to grab on to everything in sight (and hoping it can fit in your mouth!). lately you have been especially interested in your best pal, bella, and she is eager for any attention you give her. we can't wait to take both of you on adventures this summer!

all our love.
mom + dad

six month happenings: almost 17 pounds (!) | rolls over only when she's bored | fascinated by her toes | thinks everything is food | thinks everything else is hilarious | still sleeps best in a swaddle | has the sweetest little pout | had her first boat ride & kiddie pool experience | had successful sleepovers with both grandparents while we took our first trip away to chicago (we are so lucky!)

so 6 months later, who do you think she looks like?!


five months.

dear nina birdie,

mother's day is tomorrow, and i am so very lucky + proud to be your mama. every workday around 3p, i get so excited because i know i get to see your goofy grin in a couple of hours. i pick you up and take a bite out of your chubby cheeks, and all is well in our world. thanks for being the sweetest, silliest little bug i could ever hope for.

love you to the moon and back,

five month happenings: 14ish pounds | desperately trying to suck her thumb but keeps losing it | elbows, knees & ankles have been replaced by chubby | started the most ridiculous giggles | thinks she can sit up by herself | holds her own bottle when she's in the mood

(pictures: d's link + r's link)


four months.

dearest nina,

we found out about you a year ago today, and oh what a year it has been! we are so smitten with everything you do. your latest trick is babbling, and we get so giddy every time you talk to us. and your smiles, birdie.... you charm everyone you meet with that huge, gummy grin.

you are sweet love,
mom + dad

four month happenings: 12.5 pounds | smiles constantly | still sleeps like a champ | babbles & squeals | not interested in rolling over | hanging on to those steel blue eyes

(pictures: d's link & r's link)


three months.

dear birdie,

three months old!? you stop it right now! every day is better than the one before. we're getting more and more comfortable with each other's patterns and settling into somewhat of a routine...at least for now. mom went back to work last week and tries really hard not to sneak out at lunch to come see you at daycare. and when you act fussy, dad makes up some song and you flash that gummy, goofy grin. your smiles are magic!

your biggest fans,
mom + dad

three month happenings: 10.5 pounds | tells lots of jokes | sleeps through the night (!!!) | lights up when she sees dad | stays pretty patient with mom's incessant pictures | isn't crazy about story time

(pictures: d's link & r's link)


two months.

 dear birdie,
two months ago, we couldn't have imagined what you would be like. now, we can't imagine our lives without you. you are a perfect addition to our family. and even though your tummy troubles bring your spirits (and ours) down sometimes, you're fighting through it as we work it all out. you are just the sweetest. and we melt with each smile. can't wait to see what fun month three will bring...

we are smitten,
mom + dad

two month happenings: 8.5 pounds | loves bath time | wishes she could sleep on her tummy | smiles when she's in the mood | must eat every 3-4 hours. and yes. around the clock.

(pictures: d's link & r's link)


one month.

i can't believe it's been over a month! i'm still working on thoroughly documenting our birth story and experiences once home, but in a nutshell, it's been beautiful chaos. we're still in the baby twilight zone but slowly coming out of a fog and into a (somewhat broken) routine. we are mesmerized by her accidental smiles and dumbfounded by her large poops. we've taken a gazillion pictures (d's link & r's link), and plan to take a gazillion more.

one month happenings: 6.5 pounds | loves to stare out the window | still crosses her blue steel eyes | confused about day & night.


a few last bump pics!

we frolicked around piedmont park today to document the last couple of weeks as a family of three. we had an absolute blast, and can not thank cheryl & jackie enough for humoring our wish to snap some family pictures! we think they captured our excitement so well! you can see the full set here.


project 365- weeks 43-46

a picture everyday in 2012. here are weeks 43, 44, 45 & 46.

295/365: the comedy central debates were the best ones

296/365: a couple birdie's soon to be favorite things
 297/365: tea + cankles
 298/365: ever gotten the pink screen of death!?
 299/365: crib coming together
300/365: decadent & lovely cupcake courtesy of my boss
301/365: a treat after a walk
 302/365: my favorite blankets
 303/365: wow, i'm sensing a sweet tooth theme here!
304/365: the craftiest kid's birthday party invite
 305/365: a proper halloween celebration
306/365: i was too chubby to fit
 307/365: heart to heart
308/365: a perfect shower in a perfect place
 309/365: oh mimi, i don't think you'll be saying that in a few more years
 310/365: fall morning walks with b put me in the best mood
 311/365: i craved chai, d obliged
312/365: crazy wes anderson character illustrations
 313/365: the sweet tooth is not stopping
314/365: d arranged a massage for me!
 315/365: jackie and i booze it up differently lately :p
 316/365: finally working on the crib skirt
 317/365: even this tiny nursery needed bunting to complete it
 318/365: a lunch date with my favorite fabric store
319/365: almond milk + nutella
 320/365: at least we have variety in our desserts, right?
 321/365: see! variety! watermelon & lime juice hits the spot
 322/365: two of the sweetest faces at cheryl's and 
my pre-annual holiday party


project 365- weeks 40 to 42

a picture everyday in 2012. here are weeks 40, 41 & 42.

274/365: we always miss this stinker when we go out of town
 275/365: a little bit of happiness at work
 276/365: my new favorite tea and granola bar
 277/365: project dyeing plain white onesies
 278/365: dyeing onesie success
 279/365: freezer stencil prep
 280/365: the growing bump
 281/365: typical sunday evening snoozing
 282/365: a perfect present from grandma payne
 283/365: she already loves her dad's music
 284/365: an evening treat 
 285/365: oh these two....
 286/365: mimi got a visit from tata at lunch!
 287/365: a failed visit to the orchards. we'll get 'em next year
 288/365: so many colors to choose from
 289/365: have you early voted? it's the only way to go!
 290/365: late night music sesh
 291/365: happy 2nd anniversary to my best friend!

292/365: happy navarathri!

293/365: dinner inspiration
 294/365: it's the most wonderful time of the year!