happy birthday mom!

dave here. the date is getting closer. this past weekend my folks got together with radhi's folks and went through some details of the ceremony and watched a video of siva's (radhi's brother) wedding. this type of wedding ceremony is new to me and my family, so we are learning as much as we can before the big day. we hoped to get pictures of the day to share... i even brought my camera, and dr. mohan had his laying out too. but neither of us snapped any. oops.

radhi's mom cooked an amazing lunch for us. this is one perk of marrying into an indian family that i can definitely get used to. :)

speaking of moms, today is my mom's birthday. happy birthday when you read this mom. i love you. we'll be dining out somewhere nice tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

that's all for now. bye.

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