pictures in the park.

hi. it's been a while since i posted, so i thought i would share some recent pictures dr. mohan was kind enough to take. we decided to take some shots around our favorite neighborhood hang out, piedmont park. i think they turned out great, and we had a lot of fun during it. of course it was radhi's idea to use the cute little props. she is a genius. i love her. :)

click here to see some of the photos: radhi's flickr stream


  1. Ok, first of all, I love it that you just called your dad, Dr. Mohan! That is too cute! And second of all, you guys are so cute!!!! The photo up top is ADORABLE!!! And the R & D photo?!?! I heart you two!

  2. could you two be any cuter? i love, love, love it! my heart is mush watching you two along this journey :) xoxo, resh

  3. Too cute, as always. Love the R & D pic!


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