best vacation ever.

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we fell in love with costa rica the minute we landed. well, not the minute we landed, since we were stranded at the airport waiting for a ride to the resort, but i'd say after an hour or so. yep, then we were in love. we had four whole days there and decided to take all-day guided tours for two of the days and stay within the resort for the other two. it was the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxing. on one of the tour days, we took a very bumpy 4-hour drive to the breathtaking monteverde cloud forest for zip lining and walked on the hanging bridges through the rainforest. on the other tour day, we took a much less bumpy 2-hour drive to palo verde, a national park with amazing wildlife which we saw on our own private boat tour. because we're V I P!! then, another 2-hour drive to the towering inferno that is the arenal volcano. instead of hiking around its rainforest, we chose to bathe in its hot springs. after walking around la fortuna, the local town, we headed back to the resort for the night. and on our off days, we toured the resort, enjoyed the spa, dined and wined, and just caught our breath and reminisced of the prior months, weeks and days.

along the way we had some amazing meals, including some of the freshest fruit we have ever tasted in our lives. we also had plenty of the favorite local cocktail, guaro sour, made with alcohol fermented from the local sugar cane that grows all over the country. yum. we saw hillsides full of costa rican coffee plants, picked the beans right off the plants and sampled them right there. not only were the local delicacies a real treat, the local people are some of the nicest and most welcoming people we'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. they are proud of their country and enjoy sharing it with the many tourists who flock there to see such a wonderous place. we would recommend a trip to costa rica to anyone who is curious. hopefully we will make it back one day. for now, it's back to reality, but we brought back some wonderful memories and it was the perfect way to wrap up such a whirlwind marriage and celebration with all of our friends and family. and now we're off to live life happily ever after.

to see d's complete set of pictures, visit his flickr set. we documented our trip with tons of pictures!!! enjoy!

oh, but you're not done with us yet. we'll be back regularly to say hello and post updates to what's happening in our lives. hope that's ok with y'all!

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