csa: week 8.

the bounty: tons of tomatoes, hot hot hot peppers, okra, garlic, mini red onions, some type of melon and mustard greens.

the result: a wonderful lunch. ham and melted cheddar on toasted wheat bread, with the mustard greens, yellow tomatoes and red onions. my special condiment mix too. with the left over veggies I made a little salad and shredded some more cheddar cheese on top. sun chips for the side.

in case you're wondering, no... radhi hasn't given up on being a vegetarian. this little lunch meal was made by me (David). :)


  1. Wow! Hello, D! Nice work! And love the top picture especially - good photo styling! :)

  2. Thanks Stacy. Hi to you as well! :)


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