home improvement.

{clockwise from top left: b's supervising skills, finished product,
a gesture to tell d thanks for doing all the manual labor, my antics}
to create a shared space that works with both of our needs & design aesthetics, our home has had quite a few changes over the past year. some have been quick furniture swaps but most have been slow deliberations. the thing is i'm weird with my vision. i know exactly how i want everything in our home to be, unfortunately i'm not so speedy about execution. i'm just happy david not only puts up with the my obsessive designstar-wannabe tendencies but also willingly gives me his input & feedback. while the place still has a few several details to sort, we're getting there. we've worked on a few projects together- even mom & dad payne were put to work! the dining table redo has proven particularly functional, so i thought i'd share the above pictures. we refinished the table top and base (which was originally pine wood) and assembled & painted some ikea chairs grey. maybe i'll share a few more home improvement posts soon about fabric-hunting for sofa pillows & bedroom curtains, finding a stencil to spruce up the bedside walls (a la my accessible home heroes young house love), framing/hanging art/pictures, and how much i love organizing!

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  1. Love! But I need more now. And more pics! What exactly did you do to the table? It looks great! More deets! Inquiring minds want to know! :)


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