project 365- week 4

22/365: birthday wishes for david!

23/365: chai & birthday dinner with mom & dad mohan @ cardomom hill- a new, kerala inspired indian restsaurant. verdict- d liked his fried chicken, but the vegetarian fare did not blow us away.

24/365: watching the state of the union address

25/365: eden & her baby brother lewis provided the entertainment
while janine & i caught up

26/365: another night out with cheryl, joe & d

27/365: mira & ellie at the fernbank follies talent show. they performed a dance to "girls just wanna have fun" while arjun & his friends rocked out to green day's brain stew. click to watch his performance!

28/365: brunch with lynn, auntie anne & emma

week 4 recap
- as one friend pointed out, i've been around lots of kids these days! since a few of my friends have babes and the year always starts out with lots of catch up dates with my friends, i've been lucky enough to hang out with some really cute kiddos!
- we had two weeks of mostly eating out, so this week will be the return of homemade meals. yay!
- random- i started a twitter account. yes, i'm eating my words.

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