project 365- week 12

a picture everyday in 2012. here's week 12.
78/365: tayla's tiny dancer feet
 79/365: mei ling's in town! and bella might have been 
more excited than me!
 80/365: highland bakery goodies
 81/365: happy birthay, tata!!!
82/365: dinner with two of my favorite ladies
 83/365: dark chocolate fridays are a must in our home
 84/365: spring blossoms outside the temple


  1. Ok, first of all, so jealous of Mei Ling right now! And second, love, love, love the cherry blossoms!!!

  2. Yeah, I was pretty lucky to spend some time with Radhi in Atlanta. Hopefully she'll be making her way out the Pacific Northwest soon. Radhi, love the pictures! Oh, and hi Stacy!
    Mei Ling


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