project 365- week 16

a picture everyday in 2012. here's week 16.

106/365: boughie brunch at jackie's

107/365: taking advantage of work lunches at home with bella

108/365: lakshmi auntie's delicious carrabba's powder
{thanks auntie! we sprinkle it on EVERYthing!}

109/365: fancy chandeliers at dinner with the paynes

110/365: "borrowing" mom's vitamix blender.
{ps- she's never getting it back!}

111/365: dogwood festival eats

112/365: boughie day out! they showed me a new-to-me
goat farm & run down old mill.


  1. Yum what did you make for lunch? Feeling lucky with 2 appearances this week:) xoxo

  2. And I'm feeling jealous, Cheryl. ;-) I am loving all these pics! And hello, vitamix!!! Drink those veggies!!


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