project 365- week 26

a picture everyday in 2012. here's week 26.
{halfway mark!}

176/365: a project in the works
177/365: a letter to my favorite bugs upon their arrival from europe
178/365: trader joe's brought me clementines
179/365: genius at work
180/365: a present from murano, italia from m.a.t.s.
 181/365: spray painting patio furniture in 100+ degrees.
not my brightest idea!
182/365: teaching bella the treadmill! she'll get it soon!


  1. I freakin' love that clementine pic. And what is the mysterious project??? Inquiring minds want to know! ;-) xo

    1. hehehe! well it hasn't come to fruition yet.. trying to create a gallery board for the refrigerator. fingers crossed it actually works!


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