project 365- weeks 43-46

a picture everyday in 2012. here are weeks 43, 44, 45 & 46.

295/365: the comedy central debates were the best ones

296/365: a couple birdie's soon to be favorite things
 297/365: tea + cankles
 298/365: ever gotten the pink screen of death!?
 299/365: crib coming together
300/365: decadent & lovely cupcake courtesy of my boss
301/365: a treat after a walk
 302/365: my favorite blankets
 303/365: wow, i'm sensing a sweet tooth theme here!
304/365: the craftiest kid's birthday party invite
 305/365: a proper halloween celebration
306/365: i was too chubby to fit
 307/365: heart to heart
308/365: a perfect shower in a perfect place
 309/365: oh mimi, i don't think you'll be saying that in a few more years
 310/365: fall morning walks with b put me in the best mood
 311/365: i craved chai, d obliged
312/365: crazy wes anderson character illustrations
 313/365: the sweet tooth is not stopping
314/365: d arranged a massage for me!
 315/365: jackie and i booze it up differently lately :p
 316/365: finally working on the crib skirt
 317/365: even this tiny nursery needed bunting to complete it
 318/365: a lunch date with my favorite fabric store
319/365: almond milk + nutella
 320/365: at least we have variety in our desserts, right?
 321/365: see! variety! watermelon & lime juice hits the spot
 322/365: two of the sweetest faces at cheryl's and 
my pre-annual holiday party

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