wedding makeup. check!

{click to enlarge}

so, my most favorite 7 year-old in the world will officially be my makeup artist for the wedding. and by officially, please refer to the above picture, which might i add was given to me in a very official manila folder. from the detailed flowchart to the actual colors of the makeup & accessories (of which "true red" is my favorite), she has it all figured out. good thing for me because that's one less thing to think about! thank you, ladybug!

also, if you'd like to see more of the engagement puja pictures, we've uploaded the photo stream here. enjoy!


  1. That's the best! Thanks for sharing! I love this wedding blog and getting the play by play. :)

  2. That is just priceless! What a little sweetheart.

  3. i think she forgot to mention that you will be wearing the most lush of fake lashes to get the look of her picture! :) hehe! super!


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