csa: week 6.

oops, almost a two week delay here! that last csa was divine and this week's share is sure to be just as lovely!
the bounty: edamame!!, blueberries, cute mini cantaloupe, cherry & heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini, garlic, onions, parsley & carrots

we've made countless, tasty dishes, but somehow i can't remember them to tell you! however, i will leave you with our delicious sunday supper menu which had nothing to do with our csa except that all produce was from the local dekalb farmer's market.

- kale chips (my favorite way to eat kale)
- pad thai with yummy tamarind sauce
- cauliflower ceviche

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  1. I heart you! Mini cantaloupe? No thank you. Everything else in that box? Yes, please! What have you been doing with the edamame?


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