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hello! hope you've had a lovely & relaxing thanksgiving holiday. we've quite enjoyed our week which started off with the 5th annual pre-holiday party hosted by cheryl & me. we had a blast with our family & friends that were able to make it and had fun making tasty treats, including rosemary almonds and cheryl's santa hats (pictured above)!

thanksgiving day was spent at aunt alice's beautiful home in big canoe. much of david's family along with my mom, tanvi, arjun & mira celebrated together and ate really delicious food! it was the first year i contributed more than just an appetizer, and i think my sweet potato & pepita stuffing turned out pretty well.

the weekend was both relaxing & productive. there were several long walks with bella in this freakishly warm weather, some quality time with my mom, the purchase of a brand new dishwasher from the sears 'scratch & dent' outlet, some fun holiday decorations including our teeny tiny tree & one glittering gold deer, david's music making, and a moving & disturbing movie, incendies.

and saturday supper was david's famously delicious chili and cheddar & sage biscuits. it was the perfect, cozy end to a week celebrating everything we are so thankful for.

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  1. Lovely! And p.s. Love your little note to peeps subscribing via email. I heart you and missed you this Thanksgiving as always!


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