a video + a letter.

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dear little bird...

we're halfway there little one, and you've been so good to your mom so far. keep it up! we get crazy giddy thinking of the day we'll meet. mom will inspect your entire sweet little being and oohh and ahhh of how you grew inside the womb. dad will hold you so closely and have a tough time letting go. and let's not even get started on the love you'll be showered with from your grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins & dear friends. and your new best friend, bella.

a few things about your crazy family....
*no one else will love you the same way. ever.
*our wish is that you grow to be strong, bright, independent, mindful, & creative. would including genius be greedy?!
*we will take a gazillion pictures of you. and then a gazillion more. you'll either be a good sport or have a lot of baby pictures looking pissed off. you choose.
*we have high expectations. we'll work to keep them attainable.
*be kind to bella. she will teach you how to love and be your greatest partner in mischief.
*we'll do our best to lead you on the right path for you, but we won't always get it right. be patient.
*we will always be your biggest fans. unless you're doing something stupid, then we'll be your worst nightmare. again, you choose.
*aside from the love we have for each other, you are our greatest love... even if you're only 13 tiny ounces right now.

grow strong, little lady. we are patiently waiting with giant, brimming hearts.

you are the best thing.
mom & dad


  1. This video is the most adorable, precious thing I have ever seen and what a gift to be able to virtually participate in that discover from afar by way of the video! So charming and adorable! Made me cry! I love you guys so, so much!

  2. You guys are the cutest. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special surprise. Love you!!!

  3. geez. i'm so incredibly embarrassed to admit but im crying that was so sweet. that's just about the best thing i've ever seen. and it's olympic season right now. lady birds are the best. so happy for you guys, what a lucky little girl!! congrats to gramps and grandma =) i'll say it again, there's nothing sweeter in the world...

  4. Yesterday was such an incredible day! Thank you for asking me to share in this most special of moments in your life. Your little lady is one lucky girl to have you and David as her parents. Big LOVE!!!

  5. WOW! Magnificent! What a beautiful story and extended family...
    with love and celebration,
    Carter (Auntie Cheryl's friend!)

  6. What a precious video!! So excited for you both and happy I could witness that moment from afar!


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