project 365- week 31 & 32

a picture everyday in 2012. here are weeks 31 & 32.
two weeks worth of pics in this post! i've been a little side tracked!

211/365: sunday tea time with my ladies
 212/365: egg/hummus/avocado/tomato/sriracha sandwich

213/365: bonding time before bedtime
 214/365: gokul sweets
 215/365: and it was yellow...
 216/365: serenading us at the end of an eventful evening
 217/365: working on our video + letter to our little one.
 218/365: mira's handmade stuffed animal for her cousin
219/365: bella + donnie forever. 
220/365: when all else fails, breakfast for dinner.
 221/365: we are letting ikea hold on to our dream kitchen until we
find a bigger space.
 222/365: sam flax always sucks me in.
 223/365: d's night to cook! he chose a delicious pioneer woman recipe.
 224/365: hehe!


  1. where do i buy the "my aunt is hot and single" bib? little p definitely needs that =)

  2. Love! I majorly have Bella withdrawals...


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