30+ weeks.

it's october 15th!?!? the time is just melting away, and we're trying out best to savor each day of this journey. daydreaming about this little lady is at an all time high, but we're also trying to enjoy these last couple of months alone.

we're still in the midst of gathering everything together for her, but for some reason we can't seem to check off things as fast as we add them!

she's been wiggling around in there like crazy over the past couple of weeks, and it still amazes me when i can see one of her limbs move across my belly through my shirt. there's a little alien lady inside of my now 35 inch bump!

size of little p: weighs as much as a head of cabbage

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  1. Oh my word, a cabbage! That's pretty big! And see a limb?!? Crazy time! :) xoxo


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