project 365- weeks 37 to 39

a picture everyday in 2012. here are weeks 37, 38 & 39.

253/365: austin & miles brittain school their dad!
 254/365: our mantel with some new fabric
 255/365: lovely flowers from the brittains
 256/365: ATLien
 257/365: after dinner date

258/365: rao uncle and mira drawing a couple of masterpieces
 259/365: pretending to be so shy
 260/365: first baby blanket. done!
261/365: mmmm.... so delicious.
262/365:  happy 4th birthday, bella!
 263/365: a scoutmob night at zocalo
 264/365: home sweet home. in jonesboro.
265:365:  pizza night!
 266/365: rainbow bracelets
 267/365: a beltline stroll with cheryl & jackie
268/365:  buddha says "happy birthday, siva!"
 269/365: so much gratitude
 270/365: a sweet neckalce in honor of my ladybird- thanks anne!
 271/365: vive la france in vegas
 272/365: pillow fort = pregnant lady's heaven
 273/365: until next time, vegas...


  1. I always love your style and your blog :) You are inspiring! Hope to see you at T-giving!

  2. Love, love, love the fabric over the bottles! Love the preggers pillow fort and VEGAS!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!


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