five months.

dear nina birdie,

mother's day is tomorrow, and i am so very lucky + proud to be your mama. every workday around 3p, i get so excited because i know i get to see your goofy grin in a couple of hours. i pick you up and take a bite out of your chubby cheeks, and all is well in our world. thanks for being the sweetest, silliest little bug i could ever hope for.

love you to the moon and back,

five month happenings: 14ish pounds | desperately trying to suck her thumb but keeps losing it | elbows, knees & ankles have been replaced by chubby | started the most ridiculous giggles | thinks she can sit up by herself | holds her own bottle when she's in the mood

(pictures: d's link + r's link)

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Nina is one lucky birdie to have you as her mama. You have fully embraced motherhood, yet still you are the same person I have known for 23 years. I know it's a juggling act, but you do it well and with style, grace and laughter! I am so proud of you and toast to you today. Cheers! Lots of love, c


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