six months.

dearest sweet p,
you are half a year... six months ... 183 days old. and we are loving every single minute. you are our chubby little love. constantly smiling, cracking yourself up, and babbling up a storm. and everyone you meet is charmed by your sweet, smiley and calm nature. this month you have just been busy growing big and strong and learning how to grab on to everything in sight (and hoping it can fit in your mouth!). lately you have been especially interested in your best pal, bella, and she is eager for any attention you give her. we can't wait to take both of you on adventures this summer!

all our love.
mom + dad

six month happenings: almost 17 pounds (!) | rolls over only when she's bored | fascinated by her toes | thinks everything is food | thinks everything else is hilarious | still sleeps best in a swaddle | has the sweetest little pout | had her first boat ride & kiddie pool experience | had successful sleepovers with both grandparents while we took our first trip away to chicago (we are so lucky!)

so 6 months later, who do you think she looks like?!

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