our baby gear: the first months.

i tried to make some sense of what the most helpful things have been so far....

CLOTHES onesies are most babies' uniforms for a reason. everything about them is easy. these long zippered ones are even easier than snaps & lightweight enough for any time of the year.
after a couple of months, we started liking rompers & bloomers to change things up. now dresses are also in the regular rotation. nina's wardrobe is more stylish than both of ours!

apron- auntie cheryl gave us an amazing, custom bath apron from within the ribbon. we used it multiple times every day to protect us from her projectile vomiting until her reflux calmed down last month.
burp clothes- burp clothes were essential because of her reflux. these gerber prefolds are still our favorite.
bibs- these green sprouts ones have outlasted all the others.
dr. browns bottles
pump- this one was amazing. 
earth's best milk (a formula pitcher is great to make multiple bottles & aand a dispenser is great for on the go)
mesh feeders- she loves these! a perfect distraction while we're out or making her dinner. we've filled it with pieces of ice, mango, watermelon, apple, banana, the options are endless.
homemade baby food is our usual option, but these plum & happy baby pouches are fantastic while we're out. along with this fun spoon gadget.

-lightweight- aden & anais all the way (the bamboo ones are gorgeous & ridiculously soft)
-heavyweight- big, stretchy ones like this one from old navy
swaddleme wraps- she was in these until she was 5 months. now we're onto sleep sacks.
noise machine- when they're tiny, these are supposed to recreate womb sounds. since we live in a one bedroom, we've continued to use this to drown out noise. and i'm convinced she sleeps better with it on. and now we do too!
pacifiers- i wasn't a pacifier fan until i met this little birdie and her "strong suckling reflux" that her pediatrician and my ob commented on. they recommended the gumdrop brand. we've used those and soothies. she still loves her trusty wubbanub, but only in the crib.
swing- she lived in this swing until she was about 3 months!

pampers has been our favorite diapers & wipes so far
diaper rash cream- the purple desitin worked best for our birdie's bum.
disposable changing pad covers- we use these disposable covers on top of the changing pad cover, so we don't have to change the sheet if anything happens. cut these in half and only throw away if they get dirty. they last for weeks and it decreases the amount you have to wash the pretty fabric cover.

soft, knitted rattles -our friends gave us two of these, and she still loves them
basic board books -tj maxx has great deals on these
toy links -several sets- we leave some in her carseat, on her high chair, in her stroller, etc
play stand -good alternative to a baby gym & now she sits and tugs and plays with all the toys
paper book- it really is indestructible!
sophie teether- worth registering for. i don't know what is particularly riveting about it, but she seems to be in love with it.
current obsessions: this remote & this ball & watching bella play fetch

nose sucker: the hospital aspirators are ok, but this snotsucker is magic. it seems like a gross idea, but it's not in practice, and it works like  charm. and most of the time, she even seems amused by it!
mustela brand lotion & soap have been our favorite- a little goes a long way!

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