eight & nine months.

dearest p,
PHEW! these last several weeks have flown by. you're such a big girl now! you are a healthy 21 pounds- 90th percentile! you've come a long way from barely being on the charts for the first four months. though teething has been bugging you for the past few weeks, you continue to be such a happy busy, little bird! you're crawling all over the place- always on a mission which usually involves getting into bella's dog bed. you two are becoming best friends, and bella is eager to be your teammate in mischief for years to come.
you aced your first flying experience & vacation when we went on our alaskan cruise with nana & granddad last month. we were prepared for bumpy first flights, but you were either sleeping soundly or easily amused. and you had so much fun exploring new places and meeting so many different people on the ship. thank you for being such a champ while traveling!
you're handling sleep training like a pro! though you've mostly been a good sleeper, in late july you took to fighting naps and bedtime. after this last bout of teething and illness were over, we decided sleep training was in all of our best interest. your first night was a little rough for all of us, but since then you've become so good at learning how to put yourself to sleep (and stay asleep!).
birdie, we are enjoying watching every single moment of your life. you are learning so much so fast. we'll try to keep up!

your biggest fans.
mom + dad

eight & nine month happenings: working on her 5th tooth | crawling and pulling up like it's her job | has the cutest laugh complete with toothy grin | got dad's curly hair and reddish eyebrows | claps off cue | getting serious about her babbling in full sentences | not too interested in finger foods yet (because why not just have mama or daddy do the work?!) | started weird clicking sounds and seems surprised they're coming from her!

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