ten months.

dearest little lady,
you are so very busy these days! even double pink eye and croup can't keep you down. you always seem to have a plan whether it's to tug (lovingly) on bella or making sure you've gotten your tiny paws into whatever dad or i are eating. and you pull up and balance so confidently and are surprisingly good at bracing yourself. i don't want to introduce uncertainty or make you second guess your supported steps, but i do hold my breath and prepare to shield your falls anytime you seem unsteady. is that already helicoptering? i always said i'd never do that. oops. this month you've also taken to not sleeping again. if you weren't so adorable, we'd have a much tougher time with this. but like we have before, we'll work through this and teach you to put yourself back to sleep in the wee hours and hopefully your new friend will help you sleep better! thank you for being the perfect little family member & teammate.

i love you big time.

ten month happenings: 22 lbs | 7 teeth | mama bird is already at a loss with these sweet unruly curls | still loves to sing and clap on (and off) cue | will not sit still!

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