csa: week 2.

yesterday's csa bounty was pretty unbelievable: turnips, carrots, beets, collards, snap peas, chinese cabbage, onions, basil, lettuce & spinach. last night, after a visit to a friend's sweet & brand new baby girl, i came home and didn't feel too much like delving right in. so we just had a simple but delicious wrap made of sunday supper's chickpea burgers crumbled with cucumbers, tomatoes, and csa lettuce.
during work today my lunch break, i browsed up and down the interweb for recipes. for dinner, i decided on a collard gratin with a side of turnip fries. d seemed happy with the results, so i'll count that as a win. oh how i love his receptive palette. i think i would've baked the gratin a little longer and flipped the fries a few more times. but overall it was a nice & nutritious way to use some csa goodies. i patted myself on the back, and used that energy toward making us a sweet treat.i used wolfgang's recipe as a guide to simmer together the last of our strawberries & raspberries, pinches of sugar & orange zest, and two cinnamon sticks. that compote on top of cookies & cream ice cream is just ridiculous. i'm telling you. go try it. now.


  1. Yes, ma'am! Love the csa posts! This is fun! :)

  2. ready for my dinner invite =) love your new creations!


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