csa: week 3.

the bounty: beets, cauliflower, chinese cabbage, collards, dill, kohlrabi, lettuce, sugar snap peas, spring onions, summer squash & turnips.

tonight's dinner: kohl what!? i've faintly heard of this veggie but never really knew what it was. stacy perfectly described it as a mix between broccoli & kale. it's surprisingly easy to prep, and the greens are so light & lovely, not nearly as bitter as collards or turnip or beet greens. this veggie lent itself perfectly to yet another gratin. i'll give it a rest soon on the gratins. i promise.

future meals:
- beet bundt cake! after baking yummy muffins a few months ago, i can't wait to try another sweet beet treat. neat meat feet. it's hard to stop the rhyme train.
- quinoa salad with sugar snap peas. any vehicle to get pumpkin seeds in my belly is ok by me.
- fried turnips. the veggie's organic-ness & nutrition wins over the whole frying thing, no?
- simple collards.

until next week!


  1. Hey radhi - love your blog! Thanks for posting and yeah, CSAs! Looking forward to hearing about beet bundt cake. hugs from Detroit, s.

  2. omg, you are so cute! And I heart the pictures, especially the lovely fabric you put the veggies on. :)

  3. That last photo is hilarious!


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