csa: week 4.

hello good people! last week's csa was the best yet: lettuce, cabbage, turnips, carrots, fennel, basil, sweet onions, purple potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. soooo much summer delciousness to choose from! here's what we've devoured over the past week:
-multiple overflowing salads
-pesto pasta {i threw some tofu in the pesto for protein, but you wouldn't know it!}
-summer squash & sweet onion stir fry with cilantro brown rice
-sauteed turnip greens
-sweet onion, potato, tomato & egg hash
-creamed turnips
-maple orange glazed carrots
-roasted fennel with parmesan
-creamy baked cabbage
*nutella mini muffins. not csa, but too fantastic & easy not to leave you with.


  1. nutella mini muffins! what a treat. :)

  2. What shellEy said...Nutella mini muffins?!?! Love the picture too, by the way! And you!


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