thanks to nyt's article with jim lahey, his bread recipe had been on my list of foods to bake for too long now. first, i never accommodated the planning process, then i had two failed attempts. this time i armed myself with a thermometer {thanks for the recommendation, paynes!}, so i would no longer be defeated by that pesky yeast. i prepared the dough yesterday afternoon, waited for a second rise this morning, and after an hour in a hot oven, i pulled out a beautiful, rustic loaf.
i was so giddy that waiting for d to get home from work was not an option. i let it have a crackly cool down for exactly 2.5 seconds before slicing into it. and now, here i am, patting myself on the back and finally enjoying a piece of homemade bread with goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic & basil. mmmmm. you should be jealous and then go make your own!
{headnotes: the crust is very tough. but i'm assured by bread-making expert, stacy, this is normal for these rustic loaves, and it should soften after a day. and there are other homemade bread recipes that come out a bit softer. so, i think you should give this bread-making thing a go!}

other things we've enjoyed this week:
- mexican quinoa
- roasted turnips
- maple orange glazed carrots
- raspberry topped lemon muffins
- strawberry infused vodka

sunday supper plans:
- aforementioned delicious bread
- mustard-roasted potatoes
- chickpea patties
- walnut shortbread with sauteed peaches & strawberries

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  1. Aaah, shucks! And omg, the photos?!?!? Nice work, Radhi!!! How did you do that thing with the black on the edges??? I'm totally going to copy you! I love this post and can't wait for more! Seriously!


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